In the Camera Section i told a bit about my expectations on a digital camera body. This section will contain some info on the lenses i use. i´ll also try to explain why and when i use those.



There is a reason i bought the Fujifilm X-T1 next to the X-E2. Beside all the manual controls i wanted a weather resistant body (i had bad experiences before). And this makes a lot more sense if you combine it with a weather resistant Lens. In the beginning i had to choose between the 16-55, the 18-135 or the at this time brand new 16mm prime.


For my landscape work, and thats where the weather resistance is important, i wanted those extra 2mm of focal length on the wide end, so the 18-135mm was no option. I read a few reviews of the XF 16/1.4 (link and another one, there are a lot more) and was already done with my decision. Especially the size of the 16-55mm was something i wasn’t sure about. On the other hand there were a lot more possibilities with the zoom. So i went to a near Photostore and just tried the lens. The moment i had it in my hands i was done again with my decision. Of course it is a bit heavy compared to other Fuji lenses, but i was used to have the Sigma 18-35/f1.8 on my Nikon body, so this one was just right for a Standard Zoom. And it is about 200g lighter than the Sigma.

Tried it for a few shots, image quality was impressing. Since then i just unmount this lens when i need a f1.4 aperture a super wide angle or a tele, which happens not too often:)

My most favorite photography website photographylife.com did a wonderful review of this lens. As soon as i have more experience and also the time for it, i will post more thoughts on this lens on this site.




This was the first lens i purchased. I had to decide between the 35mm and 23mm focal length. The 23mm suited much better to my style of photography.

If you compare the weight of this lens to the 16-55mm you don´t even feel that there is a lens attached to your camera.


The XF23 is perfect if you want to keep a lower profile. When i’m exploring a city, this is usually the lens in front of my camera. As this happens more often in evening hours, the 1.4 aperture is a good thing to have. Even wide open the results are great. So it is possible for me to shoot 1/30th sec, at f1.4 and ISO sometimes up to 6400 which makes it useable even in the dimmest locations.

There is one more thing i like about this lens. There is a special ring that brings up manual focus quickly. So i find myself shooting in manual focus with this lens more often then with the others.




As i really enjoy landscape photography i needed a super wide angle lens in my setup. After reading reviews day and night i finally decided to go for the Zeiss Touit. This is the first and maybe my last non-Fuji lens, but it is great performer. Zeiss is known for building great lenses and they usually were manual focus. As this wouldn’t be a big deal for a 12mm lens, i still like to use in autofocus mode, because it is quick and accurate. The lens is ver well build and looks completely different to the Fuji design.


I tested it before i bought it with a C-Pol filter and my Formatt Hitech filter set in front and it gave me no visible vignetting, even at f2.8. So it became my landscape buddy. Although it doesn’t feature the Fuji Lens Modulation Optimizer (LMO) It is a small lightweight with incredible good image quality. Nothing else i expected from a Zeiss prime lens.

I will also do a review once im done with a few more other topics.


XF55-200MMF3.5-4.8 R LM OIS


The XF55-200mmF3.5-4.8 R LM OIS is the tele lens i mount when it is needed. To be honest, i don’t use it too often. Not because it isn’t a great lens, just because i’m not that big tele photographer. The Lens is well designed and not too heavy.


Next to most non-constant aperture lenses from other vendors, this one has more light gathering possibilities with wide open settings from f3.5 to 4.8 at the long end. I usually set it to f5.6 and keep it in this setting as long as i don’t need more DOF. With its OIS i get sharp images at 1/30 sec at 200mm, which is more than impressing. The image quality is on par with my former nikon 70-200/f4, but this lens is much lighter.

Once i did a review of the lenses above, i will also do one for the tele in my line up.

Looks like this one got the first review:) You can read about my experience with the XF55-200 in my messenger race review.

As i sold all my Nikon gear now, i reduced my lens count from more than ten to actually four. Is there anything i miss with those four? Not now. Maybe for the future i’ll tend to get a nice portrait prime like the XF56 or the brand new XF90 (which is the one i tend to). we’ll see…

XF 35mm F2 R WR

New weather resistant prime lens. Light companion to the X-T1 in bad weather conditions. I did a review already here.