Chicago One of the reasons why the united states are at the bottom of my “places i want to visit” – list is the fact that it is necessary to take a long-haul flight. 11 hours after leaving vienna i arrived at the O’Hare International … Continue readingChicago


Auseerland Lakes – Mountains – Landscapes The Auseerland is an area in the center of Austria characterized by its breathtaking landscapes. Clear lakes were surrounded by mountains and in October you’ll find that special and foggy mornings with typical autumn colors. What a place for a few … Continue readingAuseerland


Helsinki  from Twilight to Midnightsun One of my favorite places in Europe is Helsinki. Within the last years i’ve been there a few times. In December a trip to Finland is on my schedule, so i thought it is time to recap my visits, go … Continue readingHelsinki


Maribor june 2015 In June 2015 we spent 4 days in Slovenia’s second biggest city Maribor. It is located south of Graz directly next to the Drava river. At this time of year it is easy to find a good room for a low price … Continue readingMaribor


Slovenia – Ljubljana April 2015 Introduction During a springtime visit to the capital of Slovenia i was finally able to take a few tours through the city. I´ve been to this city a few times before, but never had the chance to to take a closer … Continue readingLjubljana

Kornati Islands

CROATIA – KORNATI ISLAND JULY 2015 This will be the last blog post about this 2015 trip to croatia. Starting from zadar, we did a one day boat tour to the Kornati Islands. This National Park contains 140 islands of very different sizes and most of … Continue readingKornati Islands


CROATIA – METAJNA JULY 2015 This blog post is part of the Croatia posts done in July 2015. This time a visit to the tiny town of Metajna with 215 residents. It has some kind of bigger hill next to the city. It was our … Continue readingMetajna


CROATIA – SIBENIK JULY 2015 After the trip to the Krka National Park we took the short ride to Sibenik and started to take a tour through the city. It was incredible hot, so the city was some kind of a ghost town. Other than most towns … Continue readingSibenik

Krka National Park

CROATIA – KRKA NATIONAL PARK JULY 2015 The Krka National Park is named after the river Krka. In total there are 5 entrances to the park as a tourist, of which two were an option for us. One starts with a bus transfer from Lozovac, the other as … Continue readingKrka National Park

Pag – Part Two

CROATIA – PAG – PART TWO JULY 2015 In the first post i told a little bit about getting to Pag and shared a few images about simuni. Now lets take a look at the city of pag itself, which is about 10km from simuni.   There … Continue readingPag – Part Two

Pag – Part One

CROATIA – PAG – PART ONE JULY 2015 summer holiday 2015 starts right when school ends. this years destination is croatia. the island of pag, located in front of the dalamtian coast will be our home for 10 days. including breaks the way to pag, … Continue readingPag – Part One


NORWAY – OSLO – 2014 APRIL 2014 a few impressions and pictures of a four days oslo trip in april 2014. the first day was a bit rainy, but the rest of the time oslo gave us the best possible weather for that time in … Continue readingOslo


DENMARK – COPENHAGEN FEBRUARY 2014  End of February 2014 it happened that i had to go to Copenhagen for 3 days. As this city never really was on my wish list i was not expecting too much. What i expected was an airport – hotel – work – airport … Continue readingCopenhagen