Iceland with Fujifilm

Iceland with Fujifilm X-T1 and X-E2 Introduction After returning from Iceland in summer 2016 we did some kind of travel diary in german language. Now i want to focus on the photography experience with my Fuji X-System which is usually not … Continue reading

XF 35 F2 R WR – First Impressions

First Impressions of the Fujinon XF 35 mm F2 R WR Once in a while i rethink my lens lineup to get sure i have everything i need. On my recent trip to Chicago i learned the importance of weather resistance … Continue reading

highlights 2015

This was 2015 Today it is the 24th of November and i decided to write a blog post to summarize what happened 2015. As of today i have two more trips coming up in the next week, and i´m sure when … Continue reading


Chicago One of the reasons why the united states are at the bottom of my „places i want to visit“ – list is the fact that it is necessary to take a long-haul flight. 11 hours after leaving vienna i … Continue reading


Auseerland Lakes – Mountains – Landscapes The Auseerland is an area in the center of Austria characterized by its breathtaking landscapes. Clear lakes were surrounded by mountains and in October you’ll find that special and foggy mornings with typical autumn colors. What … Continue reading