While i’ve been a longtime Nikon User, i finally sold all the Nikon gear in summer 2015 and reduced my setup of lenses from 10 to four.

At the moment im shooting everything with two different cameras.

my new number one:

Fujifilm X-T2


my old number one:

Fujifilm X-T1

This was the second Fuji Body i bought once I was totally confident that Fuji is able to replace my Nikon gear.

My main reasons to go for the X-T1 were

  • Durable small Body which is weather resistant
  • Most settings can be done while the camera is switched off, no need to dig into cameras menu most of the time
  • Display can be tilted. I never expected that this one can be a game changer, but it is so useful in many situations
  • As one of Fujifilm flagships it gets perfect support – regular firmware upgrades

Fujifilm X-E2 (sold)


This was my entry to the Fuji world.

I gained a lot of experience with it and in the end it was the reason i finally made the switch to a mirrorless system.

  • same image quality as the X-T1
  • nice rangefinder layout
  • even a bit smaller than the X-T1

There are many many great reviews at the web for both cameras. All of them rate them as wonderful tools, and thats what they are. Tools that make it possible for me to create what ever comes to my mind.